Effective Ideas for Designing & Organizing Exhibition Booth for Beginners

An exhibition is an engineered experience. Ideally it conveys one big strategy in many different ways. Unlike a textbook or a bulletin board display, an exhibit asks the viewer to travel through a three-dimensional space and to absorb the big idea in a limited amount of time. The exhibit should engage the visitors fascination and invite them to explore the concept on different levels and in different ways. There is an organized, hierarchical order to the levels of detail exposed in the exhibit.
These may range from headline banners to slogans and text on specimen labels, or from the graphic impact of the massive collection of objects to an in-depth exposition of just one key obstacle.
A well-planned exposure can be laid out in a linear fashion, with an introduction, an expository middle, and discoveries at the end.
Or it is normally nonlinear, in which the visitor can look at this in any order but would continue to come away with the central concepts and stories. It is up to the visitor to determine how deeply and in what directions to explore the concept. Some visitors may have limited time, short attention spans, or only a fleeting interest in the topic. They stroll through, briefly scanning areas of the exhibit, and then move ahead. But even a superficial walk through should give the guest some understanding of the merchandise.

The advanced planning of an exhibition booth design requires technical expertise and is hard work, a lot of planning and preparation has to take place on the run up to the event to ensure a succeeding outcome and visible results. Activteam helped exhibitors preparing event stands providing all services from unique designed exhibition stands, development and marketing support and target launch and build up on the fairground .

Selecting the proper exhibition that suits the sales, marketing, branding, or other objectives is your first step toward success. It is a challenge, however, since there are an estimated 25,000 business to business exhibitions held each year across the world.

Below are some ideas to assist in your coordination and planning process:

Concentrate on those global exhibitions offered in the industry sector that are suitable for your company. If your competition is exhibiting in these events, it may be a good barometer that you should consider exhibiting.

Look at these exhibitions according to their magnitude within that sector, as well as their local, national, or world wide appeal. For example, how long have they been operating?

Carefully review the audience demographics (the published metrics or data around the visitors, exhibitors, press, VIPs, etc.). The exhibition customer profile should offer your organization a good potential for making sales or gathering prospects. Do your customers attend the exhibition?

The ability where the exhibition is going to be held should be evaluated, particularly for its technology offerings?

Finally, the trade show stand preparation for a major exhibition, the whole process may take as long 3 mounts from beginning to end.