Successful exhibition stand design requires time, energy, creativity, and budget

Far too often, companies think “showing up” is the same as “showing off. To reach your trade show goals, follow these critical exhibit design and marketing tips:
Traffic Flow: What direction do attendees enter the show hall? Position your exhibition stand in order to take advantage of the traffic flow.

The 3 Second Look: Does your exhibition stand communicate your key message(s) within three seconds? After three seconds, an attendee will move on to the next exhibit if your message does not capture his or her attention. Consider simple, declarative text and bold, relevant graphics, too many messages, no matter how creative, creates confusion.

Budget: Does the exhibit fit your short and long-term budget?
If you spend too much, you may be forced to curtail your trade show program just when it is making a difference.

Have a unique presence: There is simply no better way to design an exhibition stand that is uniquely you than with personalized elements that literally place you and your personality right into the space. Every stand space created have something to say, and you are in control of what it says. Many exhibitors think of getting a stand that is personalized. To have the support of a capable and experienced exhibition stand designer is crucial to design a unique concept.
To make the most of these opportunities, your trade show exhibition stand need to send a clear, powerful message, telling attendees and other exhibitors who you are and what you have to offer.
It is not enough to set up a table to create a show room and hang a couple of signs.

These are highly competitive events and the design of your space must draw in qualified contacts and present the company in the most memorable and positive light.
To get these results, companies must identify marketing goals and beneficial contacts long before the event date. The impact of a display is the result of careful planning, unique designs, all geared toward attracting exhibitors, generate interest and build valuable contacts.

Trade shows provide unique opportunities to reach new potential customers, looking for product information and special deals, and beneficial business relationships.

As an exhibitor, you have to work with the rivalry within and beyond your market. If you want your brand to stand out, you have to do something unusual. This is where custom made exhibition stands come in.
Whether an organization participate in a trade fair, it is important to attract the right audience-the visitors that are likely to buy their products or services. This is the challenge with event-marketing. While determining salespeople as shepherds help in steering people into your booth, it is easier and more cost-effective if a custom exhibition stand can do the work. You can get your stand be more noticeable with the following features: Design, colors, signage, multimedia.
Exhibition stands designed for impact can attract customers, help you learn about new technologies, and let the competition know that your company is one to be reckoned with and not to be taken lightly. Use a commanding exhibition stand design to claim a dominant position as an industry leader or an innovator.